updated: 2024/03/01

Helping brands build character through design & illustration.

I offer my design and illustration skills to anyone needing help with visual communications. Whether you need a zine, a logo, or a short animation, I got you. Need to design some stickers or album art? I got you. Need a menu for your cafe or restaurant? Get outta here! Sike, I got you.

As of lately, I’ve become much more interested in how design can support community or inspire change locally and what I can do to facilitate that. If this sounds cool to you, let’s talk about it and build something beautiful together.

Design services can often be too pricey for those that need it most. While I do need to make money to cover rent, food, and bills, I want to ensure that my services are accessible. If you have a tight budget, let me know and we can work something out.  


designer / illustrator

Based in New York.
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