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Recent work 

December 2020


Agile project management for the financially conscious. Fairview is launching their new product and needed a fresh identity that came across as trustworthy, not trendy.

August 2020


Nkosinza is an athletics trainer from California’s Bay Area. His goal is to extend his reach and would need a brand identity that shares his personality and lifestlye.

May 2020

Mornin’ Lifestyle

The morning routine is sacred. It sets the tone for each day. After sharing short clips of my usual morning on Instagram, I decided to turn it into a little project where I bring others into that routine. One hope is that it will become an opening for others to share what makes their mourning sacred.

June 2020


Some time had passed since the first design. A lot has changed since then, so why not create something to show for it.
Some of the changes made:
  • The 3 Xs align through their centers.
  • Added depth through some dimensional cuts.
  • More compact and more forward leaning.
  • Added a logotype.
  • Included some alternates.
  • and more!

This has been a fun project to revisit again and I’m looking forward to continue pushing the identity.

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