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The morning routine is sacred. It sets the tone for each day.

After sharing short clips of my usual morning on Instagram, I decided to turn it into a little project where I bring others into that routine. One hope is that it will become an opening for others to share what makes their mourning sacred.

Since the project took form, the idea itself has grown, or at least, evolved a bit. For starters, the name went from Mornin’ Lifestyle to Sunny Side - Morning Love Club. Sunny Side represents finding joy in the morning. It was also chosen to reflect the identity; the morning sunrise (and eggs).

This project is meant to be a fun thing I do on the side, so I wanted to include the things that I enjoy doing. Music, coffee, breakfast, reading, and things that make a morning, morning, will all be shared through Sunny Side in the form of a zine.

A zine is something that has always interested me. They can be experimental, informal, and expressive; a great vehicle for inspiration. The goal of Sunny Side will be to inspire people to wake up and enjoy their mornings. Get away from your phone and grab a paper zine. They’re easy on the eyes and they won’t chime at you for your attention.

Anyway, this things is going to be printed, so the identity needed to be able to work at smaller sizes. With some weight adjustments and minor tweaks to the eyes, the mark reached it’s new form.

Each zine will also include a link to a Spotify playlist that was curated for the morning.

Still a work in progress, but stay tuned for updates!

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