cam. aka kyame (キャメ). aka mf smiler. aka wavy noodz.

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My name is Cameron Winchester, but most just call me Cam. I’m a visual designer with a big smile. I currently live in Brooklyn, New York.

I’m an artist by nature and designer by education. Both have given me an appreciation for the smaller details; the things that often go unnoticed.

After university, I began working as a visual designer in the tech industry—mostly designing interfaces for software, websites, and mobile apps. Now, I’m looking to step away from the interface/tech scene and help people build their brands.

I’m finding places where my skills and interests overlap and learning how to work them into my craft. It’s what excites me most; I love getting my hands dirty and making cool shit.

What I do for money.

Graphic design, motion design, and illustration.

What I’m interested in.

Branding, animation, biomimicry, horticulture, activism, eco-conscious design, adult swim bumpers, space, and nature.

What I do for fun.

Make breakfast, eat ramen, listen to music, watch anime, go skateboarding, biking, travel (well, not right now), and on-going learning.

I also take care of 4 bonsai (and counting)..

What I won’t do.

Won’t make another dashboard, unless it’s for NASA. No pet drawings. No war. No nukes. No defense contractors. No religious institutions. No racist organizations. Absolutely no unethical work.

I’ll let you know if there’s anything else. :)

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Let’s find a way to work together.

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